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This web site is a thoroughanalysis service of virus during file downloads.

Thanks to this Web Site, youwill be able to know how much safe is a download before starting the downloadplus the reliability offered by this site.

The downloads analysed in thisWeb are all shareware, freeware or demo versions spread by their authorspublicly from these authors' Web sites.

This Web Site offers its usersthe following services:

- Content files ordered bycategories, theme and punctuation.
- Content search service
- Daily revision of download availability and guaranteed safety of download
- Known virus analysis service of files downloaded by users.
- Others services integrated by this Web Site.

Downloads are done through theauthor website through a mechanism called downloader created by this company.

Said downloader is neverrelated or belong to the author of the downloads, and this program aims atmaking reliable downloads from our servers or the authors Web.

Sometimes the downloadedsoftware applications may be published in the electronic mediums property ofthis Web site as it can be compiled in CDs and software applications.

Said electronic mediums can berequired for the creation of direct access or to change the main page or yourPC for our Web site, which is not related to the possible subsequentinstallation of the downloaded software applications.

The user shall not be heldresponsible for the damages which might be derived from the proper and improperuse of the content shown in this Web site.

The users accessing to this Website can visualise the information and content of the site, make downloads ofsoftware applications and content of the site, make reproductions or use theseproducts provided that they comply with the legislation of copyright andindustrial property and that they both do not transfer and distribute suchsoftware applications without previous consent of the creating author orcompany, be this Web Site or any other. Likewise the download for the use ofthe before-mentioned servers under no circumstance includes the right tolicense of use which can be required by the author of the program by thecreator/author or distribution company.

This Web Site shall not beheld responsible for the functioning of the downloaded programs, nor thepossible collateral problems which could be caused to your PC.

This Web Site shall not beheld responsible for misuse which might be derived from the use of the softwareapplications downloaded, or infringement of the user or author which mightaffect the copyright of the author or third parties.

Under no circumstance it isallowed or authorized in this site the publication of systems of softwareswhich can make the copyright vulnerable (cracks, serials, warez, etc).

If by any chance the user isnot satisfied with the services offered in this Web site, he/she shall be ableto request the total return of the amount said user might have paid to haveaccess to the services of this Web site.

On the other hand, the authorsunderstand that this Web site offers added value services and that in someoccasions, a share can be charged for said services to the end user formaintenance of the Web site or said services, but never related to theacquisition of the license of a product.

The author also accepts thatthe above-mentioned electronic means can require the change of the main page orthe creation of the direct access (shortcuts) to pages related to this Web site(but never to pages property of the author).

The relationship between theauthor and the Web site can be terminated at any time prior request of anyparty.

Any manufacturer can requestthe update or the removal of any software applications offered in this Website.

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